How to Make Homemade Fabric Freshener: Eco & Natural

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How to Make Homemade Fabric Freshener: Eco & Natural

Yes, you can easily make your own fabric freshener spray! 

Not only is it a (fe)breeze and even cheaper than most store-bought brands: using homemade fabric freshener is much better for both the planet and your health.

So, before jumping to our DIY fabric freshener recipe, find out why you should ditch that old bottle ASAP.

Why switch to a homemade fabric freshener spray

Fabric freshener sprays are a true lifesaver when you’ve already got your outfit ready but are hit by an unexpected and unpleasant smell. 

They can also help you make your clothes last longer by washing them less often. 

However, there are several reasons why we ditched those seemingly innocuous store-bought bottles and started making our own fabric freshener instead (and that’s why we want to motivate YOU to do the same!):

  • You don’t actually know what’s in there – When it comes to household cleaners, manufacturers aren’t required to list all their ingredients. But different studies found that most store-bought fresheners are covering something fishy (pun intended)
  • Most fabric freshener sprays contain toxic chemicals (like neurotoxin, acetaldehyde and propylene glycol) – That means you’ve been spraying and “wearing” chemicals that are linked to cancer, hormone disruption, developmental problems, neurotoxicity, allergies, and asthma. Let’s stop doing that, shall we?
  • You’re contributing to plastic waste – Traditional fabric fresheners come in single-use plastic bottles. So, it’s a pretty wasteful cycle

Bottle of homemade refreshener spray for clothes

Instead, when you make your own fabric freshener spray:

  • It’s safe and natural
  • It’ll save you money in the long run
  • You can reduce waste by refilling the same bottle
  • You even get to pick your own fragrance

A win-win, isn’t it?

How to make your own fabric freshener spray for clothes [3-step DIY fabric freshener recipe]

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make homemade fabric freshener:

  • Spray bottle (you can either wash your old store-bought fabric refresher or look for a glass spray bottle to avoid using more plastic)
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 500 ml of water (for the very best results, consider using distilled water or boiling some tap water and letting it cool down)
  • 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil, depending on how fragrant you want your natural freshener to be
  • Funnel

That’s literally all you need to make homemade fabric spray for clothes! No vinegar or fancy products needed. Pheeeew.

Now, let's get started.

1. Choose your favourite essential oil

Essential oil to use to make homemade fabric refresher

If you haven’t got any pets, you can really unleash your creativity when preparing your homemade fabric spray with essential oils.

So, look for a fragrance you love or even something you’d want to be associated with

You can also try and mix different essential oils to craft a unique combination that’s just YOURS.

However, if you do have pets, keep in mind that some essential oils can be toxic for them. Lavender, cardamom and chamomile tend to be safer bets, but we do recommend checking with your vet just to be on the safe side.

2. Mix all your natural fabric freshener ingredients

We like to start by mixing the baking soda and essential oils on a little plate or bowl first. 

Then, using the funnel, you can slide your fragrant mixture into the spray bottle.

Finally, top it up with your distilled water.

3. Shake before use and refill your homemade fabric spray bottle when it runs out

Woman spraying homemade fabric refresher

For the best and most fragrant results, we always recommend shaking your DIY fabric spray before each use. And… that’s literally it! 

You’ve now got a spray bottle full of natural fabric refresher that:

  • You can refill every time without buying a separate plastic product that would end up in the bin
  • Contains ZERO toxic chemicals 
  • Smells just like you want it to

A much healthier and more eco-friendly swap, right? 

So, now that you’ve learned how to make homemade fabric freshener spray, you can do yourself and the planet a favour by DITCHING those toxic products!

And why would you want your clothes to smell like anything other than your unique scent, anyway?

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