Brand: Asneh

Asneh believes in artisanal skills, and therefore almost all their products are handmade. They believe it produces better products and it is also much more environmentally friendly. Asneh does slow fashion. This means for them that they do not only carry stock for more years, but they also re-produce items over the years as they don't believe clothes should be worn for only one season. The designs are timeless. 

Ethically produced: the items are ethically made in India and Nepal. The people in Nepal get above minimum wage, they build up a pension, get paid while being sick and there is school support for those with children. The employees in India get fair wages. Asneh only works with people they know at places they have visited themselves to inspect and form relationships with people. They choose to not outsource this. 

Eco-friendly: Asneh mainly works with cashmere. The cashmere is sourced in Ladakh, in the north of India, as has been tradition for centuries. In cashmere production, the goats need decent living conditions to produce proper cashmere. Cashmere is produced very differently from regular lambs wool or Merino wool. Next to cashmere, they work with silk from China as Nepal often tends to source from their neighbours country. The items are shipped in carbon boxes made of 90 % recycled carbon, 100% recyclable.



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