Brand: Azar Studio

Sara Bevilacqua creates the collections for Azar Studio with a small team. The handmade products are made in small quantities, usually at the request of an order. In this way, Azar Studio contributes to the slow-fashion movement with small stocks, little production waste and a conscious choice for the materials that are used. The current collection mainly uses leather from a local tanner in Spain, where Azar Studio is also located. Vegetable tannic acids are used for tanning, which ensures that the leather is biodegradable. Besides the main line of braided leather, there is a collection of jewellery. This jewellery is made from minerals that Sara has collected over the years from different places in the world. The collection is therefore limited, but very unique. Azar studio wants to tell a story with their collections based on a respect for materials and believe that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to make money with what they love to do.

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