Brand: be free

Brand: Be free is a German vegan shoe brand. Their mission is to create shoes that are made from environmentally friendly materials in a fair and ethical way. They are a transparent brand and are open about where they get their materials from.

Fair Trade: Be free produces their shoes in Portugal under fair and safe working conditions. They care about the planet and the people so they take special good care of their employees.

Local Production: Be free shoes are produced in Portugal, within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: The shoes are made from environmentally friendly materials and they are very transparent on every part of the shoe’s production. The materials they use are recycled materials from Italy, linen from Spain, the sole is made of rubber, 30% of which is recycled, this comes from Portugal and the laces are made of the environmentally friendly material, Tencel that comes from Italy.

Vegan: Be free uses vegan materials such as recycled materials from Italy and linen from Spain.

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