Brand: Beaumont Organic

Brand: Beaumont Organic is an ethical fashion brand that was founded in 2008 by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia. Their goal is to create contemporary and conscious clothing for modern women. They use luxury and sustainable fabrics and are always looking for ways to become more transparent and sustainable.

Fair Trade: All the clothing from Beaumont Organic is produced in the EU, such as in England and in Portugal. They pay fair wages and provide good working conditions for their staff. The brand releases two collections every year and ensures that the studios have enough time to produce these collections.

Local Production: All the clothing from Beaumont Organic is produced within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: Since 2008 Beaumont Organic has been using natural materials. For their garments, they use sustainable fabrics, such as GOTS certified organic cotton, linen that uses traditional sustainable techniques from Italy and recycled yarns.

Good Cause: They donate 1% of their annual profit to The Beaumont Organic Foundation. This helps the population on Fiji island of Taveuni by, for example, renovating the local hospital and schools.