Brand: Bleed Clothing

Brand: Bleed Clothing is a real family business. They are 100% self-sufficient and work hard to create a brand that is as sustainable as possible. Therefore they only use sustainable materials and products in an ethical manner. They reflect on their designs, think about their material choice and choose their producers with care. In doing so they make sure that they are being as friendly as they can to the environment.

Fair Trade: Bleed Clothing products are produced in a fair manner. 80% of their products are produced in Europe and 20% in Asia. Bleed clothing consciously chooses to produce 20% in Asia because the people there deliver very good work, earn fair wages and have good working conditions, but cannot get that if we move all our production to Europe. They also have GOTS inspect its factories on the basis of fair trade.

Local Production: 80% of Bleed Clothing products are produced within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: Bleed Clothing uses as many sustainable materials as possible, such as organic cotton, cork, Tencel, hemp, linen and recycled polyester. The organic cotton is GOTS certified and instead of using leather, Bleed Clothing chooses to use cork instead. The recycled polyester that Bleed Clothing uses for their coats is so environmentally friendly that it is BlueSign and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified. Finally, they also use "upcycled materials", materials that are leftovers so they find a better purpose for them.


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