Brand: Boavista Club

Boavista Club wants to share their passion for life with the world while creating a means to support women from their community.  The brand was founded by Sabrina. She partnered up with Bandim, a Lisbon based NGO that empowers aspiring women from all over the world by helping them develop their handicraft skills into their sources of income.

Fair trade: Boavista produces ethically in Portugal, in a nice factory that Sabrina has visited. She can ensure good working conditions and fair wages. The clothing is made from Tencel, which is fairly made in Austria, dyed in Barcelona and printed in Portugal. 

Environmentally friendly: The clothing is made only from Tencel. Tencel is an environmentally-friendly fabric made from wood pulp from European forests that are FSC certified for sustainable forest management. The wood pulp is made into a soft material using a chemical process that is closed loop, so the chemicals can be used over and over again. 

The products from Boavista are only made from Tencel, because it is a mono-fabric (not a blend) it is a lot easier to recycle. The brand has a life-long take back program, so you can always give the product back, and it will be either resold, upcycled or recycled.

The products are packed in a canvas bag of 100% recycled cotton and shipped in boxes from recycled cardboard. Boavista is also starting with carbon-neutral shipping soon.

Locally produced: Everything is produced in Europe, and the materials also come from Europe.

Vegan: The products are completely vegan.

Good cause: 10% of the revenue is donated to Bandim, a social cause focussing on women empowerment.

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