Brand: Bohema

Bohema is a vegan fashion brand that carries the message that fashion can be respectful of animals and the planet. After being inspired by his shoemaker father and his seamstress mother, Sebastian Szypula and his partner Wiola launched the countries' first ever shoes made from pineapple leather in 2018. The brand was also the first in the world to create shoes made of Desserto cactus leather, and the first in Poland to create shoes made of vegetable leather such as apple leather or grape leather. 

Ethically produced: Bohema's collections are handcrafted by the founders' parents and friendly local family manufacturers, relying on the experience and craftsmanship of local craftspeople. All employees are provided with the best working conditions, health and safety regulations and are paid a fair wage. 

Eco-friendly: Bohema uses innovative alternatives to animal hides, which are also kinder to the environment. They use for instance grape leather, apple leather, pineapple leather. For the soles they use recyclable rubber. The company creates its shoes in a solar-powered facility. To further promote sustainability in their supply chain, the label makes their prototypes in one size only, houses a minimum inventory and operates via a pre-order model to minimise waste and avoid overproduction. 

Vegan: all components of the shoes are 100% vegan. 

Locally produced: the shoes are locally made in Poland, all within Europe.