Brand: Bound Studios

Bound Studios is a women-run jewellery brand with beautiful pieces made within Europe. For sustainable, daring, modern and elegant jewellery you've come to the right place at Bound Studios! Malu Ultee, the founder of Bound Studios, started Bound at the age of 22. She was born and raised in Amsterdam and is a self-employed single mother. Malu is passionate and creative and has her own sense of style.

Fair trade: the jewellery is made in Guimarães, Portugal. Two brothers took over the family business, and are making the jewellery. They work for themselves and earn above average wages. Bound Studios is in close contact with the workshop every week.

Environmentally friendly: the jewelery is made from recycled sterling silver, recycled paper for the packaging and organic fair trade cotton for the jewelery bags. Bound is a plastic free jewelry brand.

Vegan: Bound Studios is 100% vegan.

Locally produced: Bound Studios is a European label. The production and materials come from Portugal and Malu is based in Amsterdam.

Good cause: Bound plants 2 trees per order through Tree Sisters. They support the women in the areas where they plant trees: the Amazon, parts of Africa and Asia.