Brand: Ceauture

Ceauture is a Premium jeans brand. They are passionate about jeans and combine creativity and couture with new technology, to allow you to find the perfect jeans for you. It's the mission of Ceauture to enable everyone to find the perfect fit jeans.

Fair Trade: The jeans of Ceature are ethically produced in Izmir, Turkey. This factory is monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation, as brand that are Fair Wear leaders also produce in this factory. The factory is also GOTS certified. This ensures good working conditions and fair wages.

Environmentally friendly: All the denim fabrics used for the jeans are GOTS certified, which means that they are made from organic cotton, and produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The back patches are made from a vegan leather made from maïs, FSC certified viscose, and normal PU. This makes these patches one of the most sustainable patches currently on the market. As said before, the factory where the jeans are produce is GOTS certified, which means that the Jeans meet high sustainable standards.

Locally produced: The jeans are produced in Turkey, and many of the materials originate in Europe.

Vegan: The brand is completely vegan.