COREBASE offers high-quality and sustainably produced basics. The brand is young and self-developed, from the selection of the raw cotton, the yarn up to the finished product, COREBASE carefully selects long-term partners where they can regularly visit and know the production conditions. 

Ethically produced: the items are ethically made in Bangladesh, in a factory that is GOTS certified. The factory pays living wages and has safe and pleasant working conditions. There is fresh drinking water is available on all floors in production, there are different cleaning teams around who take care of the dining section where the workers can enjoy their food. On each floor there are special trained workers who take action in an emergency, provide first aid or can easily call the doctor who has his own facilities in the factory. Each production floor has minimally two emergency exits, fire extinguishers and further materials to prevent the outbreak of fire. For working parents, there is a children's room where an employee takes care of their children, and the parents can always check on their children. The employees work max 8 hours per day and are off on Fridays.

Eco-friendly: COREBASE uses GOTS certified organic cotton and biodegradable polybags for the packaging. 

Vegan friendly: the items are vegan, and the supplier is PETA-approved vegan. 

Good cause: COREBASE has just started their brand, but they are in contact with the German Doctors who support female workers with medical assistance and helps them, amongst other things, with their labour rights.

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