Brand: ENVY2020

ENVY2020 creates exclusive, sustainable clothing with a purpose. Each item is associated with a unique environmental organization, initiative, project or activist. They donate 20% of your purchase to this cause. In addition, they promote environmental awareness and activism on all their platforms and continuously improve their business with sustainability at the forefront, rather than profitability.

Ethically produced: The clothing is ethically produced in Bangladesh, in factories that are affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. These factories have a safe and clean environment and pay fair wages to their employees. The clothing is then printed and finished locally in Hoofddorp.

Environmentally friendly: The clothing is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, ENVY2020 uses no plastic during shipping (sometimes recycled bags do) and they come up with all kinds of creative things to reduce their environmental impact. For example, they have even blackened their website to keep the energy consumption of visitors low!

Vegan: The clothing is vegan, the supplier also has the PETA-approved quality mark.

Good cause: ENVY2020 donates 20% of all their income to various nature conservation organizations. Every product they create is linked to a cause they find relevant. In this way, ENVY wants to make a positive impact on the planet, instead of just reducing the ecological impact.

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