Brand: FARA boutique

Rachel and Fumie, two nomadic mamas bringing up their children in India, are the designers of  FARA boutique, a conscious clothing brand.  Inspired by the thought of giving a beautiful planet on to the next generations, with their brand they focus on sustainability and fair trade. They got inspiration from the natural, rich fabrics of India that are handcrafted for centuries by the talented artisans of Varanasi. That is why FARA uses eco-friendly materials like hemp, raw silk and works with traditional dyeing and weaving processes.  Silk and hemp are one of the most sustainable materials to work with, as they are incredibly renewable, use no pesticides in cultivation and very little water. The jewellery is hand-made in London from sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold plating. FARA boutique offers cool, bohemian clothes for nights at the beach around sunset, adventures and to wear when while dancing when nobody’s watching.

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