Brand: Felt Atelier

With their local and handmade products, Felt brings more colour and positivity in a world where greyness often takes over. Felt's acronym, Feeling Every Little Thing stands for celebrating your unique self. Which is reflected in their playful, innovative designs. Together with their wearers, Felt creates a creatively boundless, colourful world.

Fairly and locally produced: All jewellery is made by hand in their Amsterdam studio.

Environmentally friendly: A large part of the FELT collection is made to order. This makes much more sustainable as there is almost no deadstock or waste. FELT 'amoeba' items are produced with organic resin made from biobased raw materials. This results in changing CO2 emissions and the use of mineral raw materials such as petroleum. In addition to silver-plated and gold-plated pieces, part of the collection is made of stainless steel, which is a more durable material due to its energy savings and longevity.