Brand: For Love & Reason

For Love & Reason was founded by Anamica and there is a philosophical thought behind it. Anamica was fascinated by the duality between love and reason. Duality represents a contradiction; if one is true, the other cannot be true. In her clothing brand, Anamica brings the two together. The brand was born out of love and reason follows from that. The result? A brand that stands for authentic, elegant items that reflect the ideology of Anamica's mother: always stay true to yourself.


Fair trade: The samples and a small part of the collection are made in a workshop in the Netherlands. However, most of the items are made in Lithuania. This small-scale factory (less than 50 people) mainly works with other small brands. The wage is a living wage and the staff is represented in a works council, which gives them influence on policy.


Locally produced: The items are made in Lithuania and the samples and a small part of the collection are made in a small studio in the Netherlands.


Ecofriendly: For Love & Reason uses materials such as EcoVero and Tencel, which are more environmentally friendly alternatives to viscose. However, the brand also uses materials such as (non-recycled) nylon. Although the nylon used has several certificates that guarantee that environmental standards are met, nylon's production process itself can not be called ecofriendly.

For Love & Reason produces in small quantities, in order to prevent overproduction. Also, it sends your orders in reusable packaging.

Vegan: For Love & Reason does not use any animal materials in their items.

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