Brand: Gentleberg

Gentleberg is a young shoe brand that makes classic, vegan shoes of high quality. The first batch was funded with a successful crowdfunding campaign, which has shown that people are interested in a vegan alternative to the traditional leather shoe.

Fair trade: The shoes are ethically produced in Porto, Portugal. Gentleberg visits this location on average every six months and guarantees fair working conditions.

Environmentally friendly: The shoes are now made of PU microfibres, but Gentleberg wants to work towards plant-based materials. The soles of the sneakers consist of 70% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, Gentleberg uses vegan and climate neutral inks for their printing.

Vegan: The shoes are made with the idea of ​​providing a vegan alternative to conventional dress shoes. So they are definitely vegan!

Locally produced: The shoes are produced within Europe, in Portugal.