Brand: HNST

The Belgian-based denim brand HNST is truly impressive. HNST was founded in 2017 by Tom Dehoux with an aim to make the most sustainable jeans in the world.

Ethically and locally produced: The Jeans are entirely made in Europe where the process begins by collecting worn jeans in Belgium in collaboration with the Kringwinkel. The worn-out trousers then go through four stages of production in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Portugal. The entire HNST jeans can be efficiently processed in one and the same recycling stream.

Eco-friendly: HNST goes the extra mile by designing pieces that are 100% recyclable. Currently, the majority of the denim is recycled material, then they use about 20% Tencel® and 20% virgin cotton.  In addition, according to industry standards, one conventional pair of jeans uses about 7000 liters of water. In comparison, one HNST pair of jeans only uses 361 liters of water, which means they reduce water consumption by 95%.