Brand: Hortus Studio

Hortus Studio is a beautiful slow fashion brand with timeless collections made of sustainable materials. The nature-inspired colours are specially designed and matched to previous collections. In this way there is an interaction between the collections and the soft natural colours can be combined with each other endlessly.

Fair trade: the collections are produced in Bali, Indonesia. The founder of Hortus Studio herself lives in Bali and is involved in every phase of the production process, from purchasing fabrics to quality control. Even before the pandemic made it necessary, flexibility in working hours was already provided and work tasks could partly be performed at home so that vulnerable groups such as single mothers can also find a safe, fair-paying job.

Environmentally friendly: Hortus Studio works with natural materials such as linen, Tencel, cotton and bamboo. The material suppliers are located within a 10km radius of the workshop and because HS produces in small quantities, all materials are delivered via a local scooter service.

Vegan: all Hortus Studio items are vegan.

Good cause: Hortus Studio is engaged in supporting various charities through the HS Care Program. Leftover sustainable materials are processed into masks and other accessories, the proceeds from these products benefit institutes in Indonesia that provide assistance to vulnerable groups such as street children, teenage mothers, people with a physical/mental disability, street dogs and cats.

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