Brand: Inner Mettle

Inner Mettle promises to reshape the world of apparel design for everyone. Inner Mettle apparel allows you to look good, feel good, and help protect the planet at the same time. Their products are made from unique fabrics, developed from natural, recycled, or raw materials. They have partnered up with industry experts for research and development woven into sophisticated designs with one purpose in mind: to increase your well-being.

Eco-friendly: Inner Mettle uses different innovative and eco-friendly materials to make their items from. First of all, Milk Fibre, made from milk waste casein proteins. The material is organic, chemical free and saves water in the production. Secondly, the sportswear is made fro 'Brugnoli’s bio-material', a patented material from Italy. This is a bio-based polyamide made from castor oil seeds. Moreover, Inner Mettle uses Lenzing's Tencel, a natural material made from woodpulp from sustainably sourced forests, produced in a closed-loop system. 

Locally produced: the production takes place within Europe, in North Macedonia, and the materials are from Italy and Austria. 

Good cause: Inner Mettle donates 5% of profits to the Founder’s Pledge Climate Change Fund.


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