Brand: Ipanema

Brand: Ipanema is a slipper and flip-flop brand connected to summer and sunshine. They have something for everyone, chic and minimalistic designs or colourful prints. All items are free from toxic substances and are also vegan.

Fair Trade: Ipanema is a brand of Grendene with 11 factories in Brazil that guarantees fair working conditions, good wages and employee appreciation. At Grendene University, employees receive training in well-being and physical and mental health care.

Environmentally Friendly: Ipanema’s slippers and flip-flops are made from recycled plastic. They have one of the smallest water footprints and between 2013 to 2018 their water consumption decreased by 31%. Their factories run on solar panels and they recycle their wastewater.

Vegan: Ipanema’s slippers and flip-flops are completely suitable for a vegan lifestyle.