Brand: IWAS

Brand: IWAS makes beautiful upcycled glasses from drinking glasses to vases to candle tealight holders. Their goal is to clean up the environment by upcycling glass bottles. IWAS listen and work with the local communities to ensure that they solve the local problems. 

Fair Trade: IWAS is a socially responsible enterprise worried about giving back to the community. The products are produced in India (anything glass) and Indonesia. The suppliers have fair wages and a healthy and pleasant working environment. IWAS is working to achieve WFTO accreditation and their partner in Indonesia (XSProject) managed to achieve such a label.

Environmentally Friendly: All of the IWAS products are 100% upcycled and handcrafted. They love to improve the use of products so that they are better than the original and increase their useful life. 

Good Cause: The IWAS platform connects their partner businesses with the markets they need. This growth potential creates local employment opportunities and supports their communities. IWAS provides entrepreneurship for the local business owners to help them cope with their challenges: from logistics to packaging. Growth is in the details.