Brand: Julahas

Julahas makes a collection of beautiful, fair trade products that they make together with Indian craftsmen.

Fair trade: The items are handmade in India, by artisans who work through an NGO, through a Fair Trade organization, or who are independent. Julahas visits these partners 3-4 times a year. Before starting the brand, Julahas took the time to thoroughly understand the artisans' production process. They find it very important in a collaboration that the values ​​of inclusivity, dignity and diversity are shared.

Environmentally friendly: Julahas works with wool and cotton. These are responsibly sourced from local government-approved communities in the regions where they produce. Some of these small suppliers are certified organic or work in relationship with the farming communities so that the entire production chain is connected. In this way, farmer and weaver can also benefit from each other.

Good cause: The brand plants a tree for every purchase made.

Support locals: Julahas works with old crafts and communities that would otherwise disappear. India has 7 million artisans, but many of them are under threat from industrialization. Communities are falling apart because family members no longer want to work on handlooms. So by offering honest and regular work, they not only preserve the craft but also show that it is possible to earn a good income while staying with your family.