Brand: Kantala

Kantala is a bag brand from Sri Lanka. The brand originated from the love for traditional craftsmanship in Sri Lanka to turn Hana leaves into Hana mats. The art of making these mats has been around for 300 years and Kantala is giving this old art a modern twist by turning them into beautiful bags and purses. The Kantala bags are made in Henavala, where the artisans still practice the art of making the Hana mats. There are 22 craftsmen working for Kantala, with ages 24 to 72, who lovingly manufacture the mats. They get paid fair wages by Kantala and thanks to Kantala they have the opportunity to breathe new life into their craft, which is threatened with extinction.

Kantala's products are 100% vegan and also Peta approved vegan. They only use environmentally friendly materials such as the Hana leaves that grow quickly, do not require watering and also do not require any pesticide or insecticide. In addition, use is also made of Piñatex ™, a material made from pineapple peels, fair trade (WFTO certified) hand-woven fabric and coconut peels. Everything is painted with Oekotex certified paint, which means that it is free of hazardous and toxic substances.