KIND STUDIO is first and foremost a story of passion. Passion for fashion and beautiful things, passion for crafts and textiles, passion for free and daring women, passion for life. It is also the desire to make these passions useful. To get involved and make things happen - on their own scale, in their own way. The brand was born out of the desire to create a different kind of fashion, a caring fashion. A fashion that finally places the human being and the environment at the heart of its values. We believe that beyond its aesthetic dimension, fashion can be the engine of positive change. KIND STUDIO offers a balanced style between vintage and contemporary, for everyday essentials with a strong look. 

Ethically produced: most of the items are produced with the Chaiim Foundation and its production workshop in Mumbai, India. This foundation fights for the reintegration and emancipation of women who are victims or at risk of human trafficking. They are offered social support, professional training as seamstresses and then employment.

Eco-friendly: KIND STUDIO uses organic cotton, pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled fabrics and deadstock materials: thousands of metres of fabric are discarded by brands because of poor selection, small imperfections or because they were ordered in too large quantities. Using these rolls avoids the need to produce new fabrics - a process that requires raw materials, chemicals and a lot of energy - and therefore reduces the carbon footprint of the garment. 

Locally produced: In order to also promote local production and French know-how, some of the items are made in Paris itself, in a cooperative of craftsmen in the Goutte d'Or district. This is a workshop with a social and solidarity-based approach, combining quality and local production.