Brand: KLABU

KLABU creates sportswear for the world to build sports clubs in refugee camps. The KLABU Foundation takes care of everything on site: the establishment, construction and maintenance of clubhouses. Developing and selling products gives KLABU a degree of independence to become a healthy organization with long-term impact. 50% of the sales profit goes directly to the KLABU Foundation to build and maintain the clubs, the other 50% is reinvested in the brand to increase the impact. It is a young organization based in Amsterdam and Kenya, a social start-up with a scalable business model to enable positive change. By wearing KLABU, you are playing for something bigger. You give refugees access to sport and bring some humanity back to inhumane conditions. Some Klabu items are made from recycled materials, but not all. Klabu is working hard on this. The packaging material is made from recycled material.

Locally produced: The sportswear is largely produced in Europe, for example in Italy.

Good cause: The sports shirts that Up To Do Good sells are linked to the very first sports club in the Kalobeyei Settlement in Kenya, which is home to 40,000 refugees. The shirt is a symbol of honor and support: when you wear KLABU, you support the unbeatable spirit of refugees by giving them access to sports!