Brand: Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a Danish men's clothing brand with a clear philosophy: Acquire knowledge, take action, earn respect. By gaining knowledge they mean that you first have to become aware of the problem. The clothing industry is often bad for the environment and for people, but not everyone is aware of how great this problem is. Knowledge Cotton Apparel is very aware of the problems and has taken considerable action. All their clothing is now GOTS certified, and in the sewing factories in India there is collaboration with Fairtrade and SA8000. This is only possible because all Knowledge Cotton suppliers have the same goal: a world with only fair fashion! Knowledge Cotton Apparel now plans to save the environment 400,000 liters of chemicals and pesticides in the year 2020, and 4.5 million plastic recycle bottles. Impressive, but not enough is what they think at Knowledge Cotton. To make a real difference, the entire fashion industry must change! That's why they do their best to convince their suppliers, customers, and business partners of their ideas, so that we can all create a sustainable future.

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