Brand: Loop.a life

Loop.a life wants to make the textile industry circular by reducing the clothing waste mountain, giving new life to valuable material and supporting and inspiring as many companies and consumers as possible to participate. They do this through continuous product development and good cooperation with their partners, converting local textile residual flows into beautiful, new fashion and interior products.

Fair trade: the factory in Portugal is GOTS certified. This means that the factory is checked for fair and sustainable production. Loop.a life visits the factory about 3 times a year to keep abreast of progress and conditions. The factory is transparent and has images of the working conditions, they also participate in Fashion Revolution's Who Made My Clothes campaign.

Environmentally friendly: Loop.a life recycles locally collected (Dutch) discarded sweaters and cardigans, which have been put in the textile bin. This textile is collected and sorted at Wieland Textiles in Wormerveer. Loop.a life visits this location every week and the working conditions are good here. New, valuable items are made from this textile in Portugal. Because they do not use new wool but recycle it, they save more than 10 kg of CO2 per woollen garment and more than 1.5 kg of CO2 per cotton sweater.

Locally produced: the entire chain from collection to making new items takes place within Europe.

Good cause: Loop.a life works with people who are at a distance from the labour market. They help sort and cut discarded textiles.