Brand: Mausons

Today there are enormous possibilities in the field of high-quality clothing production. Think of softer fabrics, good working conditions and less impact on the environment. Mausons thinks it's time to take advantage of that.

Fair trade: Mausons boxers & T-shirts are produced in Portugal in a beautiful factory that produces fairly and sustainably. They are very transparent, and Mauro, the founder of Mausons, was even allowed to film in the factory. This can be seen on the Youtube channel of Mausons.

Environmentally friendly: Mausons only uses sustainable materials for their underwear. The boxers are made of Tencel Modal, and the elastic band of recycled polyester. Tencel Modal is a material made from wood pulp from beech trees, these trees are in FSC certified sustainable forest management forests in Europe. The wood is processed into a soft fabric in an environmentally friendly way by the Austrian company LENZING.

In addition to using sustainable materials, the factory in Portugal is also very sustainable. They use machines that prevent a lot of water wastage, and they have a roof full of solar panels.

Mausons also uses sustainable biodegradable packaging material made from corn or sugar cane. The packages are delivered to your home by a bicycle courier.

Locally produced: Mausons produces entirely in Europe.

Vegan: The products are vegan.