Brand: My Flame Lifestyle

My Flame Lifestyle is a lovely soy candle shop that decorates its candles with sweet and funny quotes. In 2012, Fem and Fiet stumbled upon soy candles in the United States and instantly fell in love with this superior product. The wax is beautiful and soft, the candles have better burning qualities than paraffin candles. It's more sustainable for both the environment, your home, yourself and you can even use them for other purposes such as hand cream. 

Fair Trade: My Flame soy wax comes from local farmers and the soybeans are grown non-GMO. Their candles are produced in their own candle factory in the Netherlands. 

Local Production: My Flame soy candles are produced in the Netherlands, within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: My Flame soy candles are natural candles made from soybeans, a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource. The soy candles are much better for the environment and have a longer burning time than the paraffin candles. My Flame wood fuse candles are soy candles but with a wood-wick being even more sustainable.

Vegan: My Flame soy candles are completely suitable for a vegan lifestyle.