Brand: OHMat

The clothing of the fair fashion brand from OHMat is made by Miss Girija and her husband in their own workshop in India. They buy fabrics in Jaipur, an important region in India for buying fabrics. The first collection of dresses is made of normal cotton, because Miss Garija had already made it. In the future, she will also work with certified organic cotton. The cotton is dyed with vegetable dye and the scarves are hand-woven. The products are vegan because a plant-based existence is very important for OHMat. Miss Garija and her husband also follow a plant-based diet. OHMat orders in small quantities from Miss Garija, to prevent overproduction. The choice to order from a small workshop instead of a sustainable factory was made consciously: these factories often still want a large order in one go.

OHMat is originally a yoga mat brand. All OHMat yoga mats are made from environmentally friendly materials, such as biodegradable natural rubber, and are printed with environmentally friendly water-based paint.

The people behind OHMat are also busy setting up a plant-based yoga retreat in Portugal. They bought 17 hectares of land there, where they live completely off-the-grid. With only solar energy, and water from local fountains. They are also working hard on a project to plant 1000 trees.

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