Brand: Olga Joan

Olga Joan is a conscious apparel label designed with purpose, offering collections that revel in the beauty of minimalism and the design of simplicity. Olga Joan demands a return to quality, integrity in production and transparency from fibre to finish. The pieces are made to transcend fleeting trends, ensuring longevity of design and circularity of product. They feel a responsibility to the earth and their makers to be sustainable, fair and compassionate. Established in 2018 by Rebecca Pastro as an ode to her Nonna, Olga and Nanna, Joan. After a decade of working in the apparel industry, she was inspired to go against the industry norms and create a brand which is based upon transparency and impact awareness.

Ethically made: The garments are made in Bali, Indonesia. Olga Joan has worked closely with the family operated business since 2015. The factory is regularly audited by Qualspec, a globally accredited specialist in social compliance in the textile industry. Olga Joan believes everyone should earn a fair wage, which is why the workers are paid above the national minimum wage, receive overtime premiums and annual leave.

Eco-friendly: Olga Joan has chosen to use only botanical fibres and durable fabrics, thus ensuring minimal environmental impact and longevity in their garments. They mainly work with hemp and GOTS certified organic cotton. The fabric supplier, Hemp Fortext, offers full traceability from fibre to finish. They have numerous certifications with internationally recognized bodies such as Fair Wear FoundationGlobal Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Ecocert.