Brand: Other Moon

OtherMoon was born from a strong friendship and the desire to combine skills and creative minds. As the moon strongly symbolizes femininity, intuition, change, inspiring us to grow as women, the founders Nasthasya Reuter and Ileana Steinmann are in love with bringing change to our lives and challenging the way we function, and going after a new experience that shapes new codes and habits. As a young creative brand located in the beautiful French part of Switzerland, Nasthasya and Ileana offer a wide range of high-quality, multifunctional and sustainable products for a zero-waste bathroom and conscious home to illuminate your interior and inspire your everyday life.

Ethically and locally produced: Nasthasya and Ileana produce in small batches only. What makes OtherMoon special is that they sew all scrunchies and reusable makeup pads as well as carefully elaborate stunning fragrances and mixing it with non-OGM soy wax for their candles and soaps with their own bare hands in their small atelier in Nyon, Switzerland. 

Eco-friendly: OtherMoon has been born sustainable. Therefore, they are carefully selecting their raw materials, only using noble, organic, recycled or certified fabrics & materials. The textiles comply with the GOTS and Oeko-Tex label, meaning the fabrics do not contain harmful substances that would otherwise enter your skin or hair. The soy wax and oils used come from organic farming. They have also chosen to use biodegradable material and FSC-certified paper for all their packaging.