Brand: Pip and Henry

Pip and Henry has a nice collection of stylish and responsibly produced children's footwear, inspired by the stories of their beloved kids characters Pip & Henry. The packaging of their shoes is made from paper with a game for kids, that indirectly educates about the environment and reducing waste. 

Ethically produced: the factory is based in Chennai, India. They are big suppliers of children's footwear like John Lewis and Clarks. The brand has personally visited the factory twice. They predominantly employ women, pay fair wages and the factory itself is clean with fair employment standards and working conditions in place.

Eco-friendly: the shoes are made from organic cotton from a GOTS-approved supplier, Piñatex ('leather' from pineapples) from Europe and recycled TPR soles. The recycled TPR soles are produced by the factory themselves, with certification around the material being recycled. The dyes used to print on their materials are REACH compliant, showing that they do not contain hazardous chemicals. 

Good cause: Pip and Henry has a recycling scheme for the disposal of outgrown shoes. For that, they have partnered with the recycling services organisation First Mile. 


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