Brand: Retulp

Retulp is a Dutch brand founded in 2014 with the mission to reduce the number of plastic bottles and inspire the use of reusable drinking bottles. By using Retulp drinking bottles you help ensure that the enormous mountain of plastic waste doesn’t become even bigger. “There is no excuse for single-use!”

Fair Trade: Retulp stainless steel bottles are produced in China from as much recycled steel as possible. The manufacturers of the stainless steel bottle have been carefully selected. Retulp does everything it can to have the bottles made in a safe and sustainable way. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to have stainless steel bottles produced in Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: Retulp’s drinking bottles are made out of partially recycled stainless steel contributing to a cleaner environment done in style. All bottles, thermoses and sports bottles are food safe and BPA free.

Good Cause: Retulp supports the Plastic Soup Surfer, Sea First Foundation and By The Ocean We Unite projects. Retulp also works together with Made Blue which provides clean drinking water in third world countries.