Brand: Rhea.

Founded by women for women, Rhea is a sustainable luxury knitwear brand committed to 100% transparency. Launched in 2021, Rhea is utilising one of nature’s hero fibers, and are creating knitwear in harmony with the environment in a sustainable process. Committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits within their community, they are practicing their intuitive purpose. A need for fewer, better garments that support your authentic self. Rhea creates beautiful pieces intended to last.

Ethically produced: The brand works with Blockchain Technology as a tool to guarantee traceability and transparency along their entire value chain. A unique QR code is generated for each knit of Rhea. Once you receive your item you can scan the QR code to trace the journey from wool to the end product. The wool is farmed in Uruguay, spun in Austria and knitted in Lithuania. 

Eco-friendly: the items are made from natural and biodegrable 100% NATIVA™ Merino Wool, soft and biodegradable. NATIVA™ is fully traceable and a sustainable global wool brand. They mindfully source the most noble fibers.