Brand: Safi

After watching the award-winning documentary ‘The True Cost’ the founders of the sustainable clothing brand Safi knew there was something terribly wrong with the fast-fashion industry. After chatting in Hyde park on a warm summer afternoon, they decided that they wanted to contribute to the eco-fashion movement.  They argue that there are many sustainable fashion brands that focus on basic, practical and sometimes gender neutral collections. However, Safi aims to be associated with femininity, elegance, uniqueness and quality. After months of learning about sustainable textiles, design and pattern cutting they decided to base their brand in peru: South America has an upcoming eco-fashion industry and there they found plenty of options to engage with social and environmental sustainability. Safi partnered up with Inalpaca, a sustainable Peruvian supplier of alpaca wool, and Ecobotoes, a Brazilian producer of sustainable buttons and buckles. Inalpaca respects the legal rights of the workers and provide them with free medical services, legal advice, student grants for workers’ kids, a cooperative shop where workers can buy essential products on credit and many social events. 

Alpaca wool is incredibly soft fabric and as it is a more hollow fibre than sheep wool, it has more space to capture heat. Hence, alpaca wool is three times more insulating than sheep wool. As sheep wool has lanolin, it can sometimes be itchy. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin and therefore the material is much softer and 100% hypoallergenic. The hollow fibres push water away naturally. Due to the structure and the warmth of the alpaca fibre, the water essentially evaporates. Alpaca wool is not waterproof, nonetheless considered water-repellent and the wool is naturally windproof. The wool comes in 23 natural shades and is also appropriate for natural dyes: Safi chooses solely for natural and biodegradable! Every material they use is either biodegradable or recycled.

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