Brand: SeeFeel

SeeFeel was founded by designer Rachel Lourens (27). While graduating from Fashion & Textile Technologies, she researched the wishes and needs of women with a visual impairment regarding clothing. She has always been fascinated by adapting fabrics to give them a certain texture and found that this can make a big difference for the visually impaired. The graduation project quickly grew into a clothing brand that is committed to a cleaner and more inclusive fashion industry, which Rachel is passionate about. For example, she provides certain unique tangible details such as Braille, landmarks and fabric manipulation. Rachel tries to make the fashion industry more inclusive.

Ethically produced: the clothing is finished in Factory Fris in Ede, the Netherlands. This is a small production house that works with people with a distance to the labor market. I visit this location about once a month during the production process. The items come from fair production locations in Turkey and Portugal.

Eco-friendly: the clothing is made from sustainable materials such as Tencel, organic cotton, recycled polyester and wool.

Locally produced: the clothing comes from Europe and is finished locally in the Netherlands.

Supporting the local community: People with a distance to the labor market in the Netherlands are given the opportunity in Factory Fris to get back to work in a fair and pleasant working environment.

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