Brand: SKFK

Brand: SKFK is a funky Spanish brand that considers sustainability and transparency very important. SKFK's slogan is: "Make a difference", and they certainly do! All SKFK clothing is produced under fair and sustainable conditions. 

Fair Trade: SKFK is very transparent about their production process. They certainly have something to be proud of. They produce under fair working conditions and only cooperates with suppliers who are certified or that produce within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: The materials that SKFK uses are also as sustainable as possible, such as recycled polyester, recycled leather, linen, Tencel, Hemp, Ramie, and organic cotton. In addition, the packaging materials are also made from sustainable materials and are often reused. SKFK also gives you the option to return your old clothing and accessories to them so that they can recycle it. Finally, they do their best to keep their Carbon footprint as low as possible.