Brand: studio JUX

Studio JUX believes that fashion should be fun for everyone, for the designers, the people who work in the factories and everyone who wears their clothes. JUX means fun or laughter in German. Studio JUX believes that you don't have to be either an NGO or a commercial company, you can do both. Their mission is to be a successful ethical and sustainable brand, and a success for everyone! Studio JUX won the "Ethical Fashion Award in Paris" in 2010 and the "Green Fashion Competition" in 2012. In 2013, the foundation won the ASN "World Prize" in the fair trade category and in 2016 they received the " Social Enterprise Audience award "at Elsevier Juist.
All these prizes are not in vain because they do their utmost at Studio JUX to take good care of their people and the environment. They are very transparent about their factories, support the people who work for them, help empower women, aid education, use organic and recycled materials, and try to minimize their environmental impact.