Brand: Sunies

Sunies makes elegant and comfortable sandals from natural materials. The shoes are made with care and that ensures quality sandals that will last a long time!

Fair trade: the sandals are made in a factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sunies visits this factory about 10 times a year and owns part of the workshop. The employees work in a safe and healthy environment and receive a fair wage.

Environmentally Friendly: It took Sunies more than 2 years to develop the perfect material. 77% of the sandals are made from natural materials and 23% from Vinyl-flex, a flexible material that lasts a long time. The sandals are assembled by hand, with great attention to detail to make high-quality sandals. For the sandals, Sunies uses natural resources such as bamboo, coconut fibers, coconut oil and salt.

Vegan: all materials used by Sunies are vegan. The sandals are PETA-approved vegan.

Good cause: Sunies likes to give back to the community in Brazil. They have donated shoes and clothing to those who need them, and they are happy to help in the community when there is a need.

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