Brand: The Driftwood Tales

The Driftwood Tales is a brand that started as a dream in Bali, but was brought to life in Amsterdam. It is a sustainable brand for brave people who let themselves be carried away by the flow. People who are alive, people who have stories, and people who know where they are going. It's clothes for the people who really live!

The signature collection of The Driftwood Tales is fair trade made in India from the softest organic Chetna Organic certified cotton. Chetna Organic is a certificate for organic cotton that is also fairly produced, which is why it also carries the Fairtrade certificate. The factory in India where the clothing is produced is GOTS and SA8000 certified. This means that all clothing is produced under fair and environmentally friendly conditions. The basics collection is made under fair conditions in Portugal, from recycled material and the caps are made in China. The collection is completely vegan, sustainable and fair trade!

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