Brand: The Kaatn Trail

The Kaatn Trail is a holistic Indian brand that nurtures eternal beauty crafted by human hands and gifted by mother nature. The brand creates minimalistic, all day wear designs that re made from natural fibres, handwoven fabrics sources from various skilled artisans across India. On this journey, they aim to revisit the forgotten path of our heirloom and also carve new trail for their beloved textiles. Hence, they decided to name their wonderful brand 'The Kaatn Trail'. The word Kaatn is derived from 'Cotton'. 

Ethically produced: Just as mountains and trees are of different shapes and sizes, same is the story of these handcrafted garments. Inconsistencies in weaving and dyeing will only affirm the fact that it's handmade by skillful artisans across India in small batches to avoid overproduction. The Kaatn Trail treats their artisans and talented garment workers as their own family, also collaborating with underprivileged women to join their team to prosper personal growth too. 

Eco-friendly: The Kaatn Trail takes immense pride in their rich Indian textile history. They use hand-spun and handwoven fabrics as well as handcrafted Khadi or Khaddar, that is a century-old traditionally hand-woven fabric. It can be woven from cotton, silk or wool. The brand also collaborates with some expert dyers in the indusrty for low-impact dyes (AZO-free) and natural dyed fabrics. The natural dyes are made from herbs, fruits and flowers. They are non-allergic and are even known to have healing properties.


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