Brand: UpCircle

The British company UpCircle, founded in 2015, takes a radically different approach to organic residual waste. They collect natural raw materials from companies and individuals and process them in their products. This is also known as upcycling. For example, coffee grounds and stone fruits are converted into a very varied range of cleansers, scrubs and serums.

Ethically and locally produced: UpCircle operates from the UK and collects the residual materials mainly in London. In this way, this label contributes to a local, circular economy.

Eco-friendly: Intercepting local waste streams prevents unnecessary waste of recyclable natural ingredients. It started collecting coffee grounds from one coffee shop, they now collect from hundreds of coffee houses across London - and the list is growing! Since cosmetics are a widely used product, the cosmetics industry worldwide produces 120 billion packages every year. Complex lids, multi-layered boxes and cellophane, much of which is redundant, non-recyclable and ends up in our landfills and oceans. To prevent this waste, the packaging in the UpCircle range is 99% plastic-free. In addition to the products, the marketing materials are also made from paper made from recycled coffee cups and use only paper tape made from recycled fibers.

Vegan: UpCircle items are vegan and cruelty-free.