Brand: Wellmark

Wellmark is a cosmetic brand that cares for the environment and the people. They sell high-quality content in chic and luxurious packaging. Their products are made with natural ingredients and soled in glass bottles to reduce plastic consumption. All Wellmark items are refillable and reusable.

Fair Trade: Wellmark products are produced locally in the Netherlands. They ensure a good and safe working environment and they take care of their employees who make the products with love.

Local Production: Wellmark produces in the Netherlands, within Europe.

Environmentally Friendly: Wellmark products do not contain SLES and parabens. Their products are made with raw and natural ingredients and their candles are made with soy wax. Their products come in chic glass bottles to reduce plastic consumption. 

Vegan: All the Wellmark products are vegan and suited for a vegan lifestyle.

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