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Anekdot is a sexy lingerie brand from Berlin that believes that great things are done by a series of small things. They are an upcycled brand that cares and produces their lingerie with love and fairness. Anekdot makes exquisite nostalgia and sleek comfort lingeries for a modern lifestyle, making your daily life wonderful!

Fair Trade: The Anekdot lingeries are produced in Germany and Poland fairly and ethically. As they produce within Europe reducing their carbon footprint. Anekdot guarantees fair working conditions with quality and works with transparent supply chains. They support local talents, skilled craftsmen and artisanal techniques.

Local Production: Anekdot items are ethically produced in Germany and Poland.

Environmentally Friendly: All products are made from upcycled or recycled fabrics. The upcycled fabrics are high quality surplus from other brands or factory overproduction or deadstock, so they have never been worn before. Anekdot lingeries are a lot more environmentally friendly because their materials and local production dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and saves precious materials from going to landfill. 

Practical information:

Shipping rate:  £ 5,89 in the UK

Delivery time: -

Address: No physical shop