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In 2017, when the founders of Himal Natural Fibers traveled through Nepal for a trek in the Himalayas, they experienced how the local communities used the plants and herbs that grow wild in the mountains. They were shown how to harvest these natural fibers locally in a sustainable way and process them for the villages. These plants are also ideal for the production of breathable, strong and warm textiles. Today, at Himal, they are fully committed to making clothes that are inspired by what they found during that trip to Nepal. They make clothing from plant fibers that grow wild in the region, such as hemp and nettle. These plants require no irrigation or pesticides and the harvesting practices are rooted in sustainability and care.

Ethically produced: The clothing is made in Nepal, in partnership with Natural Fiber ltd. This is a workshop in Kathmandu where 15 people are employed. The people are well looked after and Himal pays the school fees for the children and provides meals while working. All fabrics come from trusted suppliers. Some are woven by hand using traditional methods in the Himalayas, providing a fair income while maintaining their traditional way of working.

Eco-friendly: Himal uses sustainable, plant-based materials such as hemp, nettle, organic cotton, Corozo knots and Piñatex. The hemp, nettle and organic cotton come from Nepal, Piñatex and Corozo come from Spain and the UK. Himal does not use plastic in products or packaging and some fabrics are woven by hand. Himal tries to be as kind as possible to the earth and is always looking for ways and solutions to make it more sustainable.

Vegan: The items are vegan.

Supports the local people: Himal is committed to the Nepalese artisans who make beautiful clothes with natural fibers. Himal ensures that these craftsmen receive a fair wage and that they are always paid (for example in a situation like the covid crisis).

Practical information:

Shipping rate: Free in the UK and between € 4,75 and € 8,30 in Europe.

Delivery time: 2-5 days in the UK, 5-11 days in Europe.

Address: No physical store.