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Infinitdenim was founded in Barcelona in 2019 and makes recycled and recyclable, organic and vegan products that prove being stylish doesn't have to come at a cost to the earth.

Eco-friendly: Infinitdenim focuses on circular production methods. They upcycle, recycle and reuse post-consumer denim to create new products. They also pay attention to how easy it is to recycle a product; with besides the denim collections, they also have items made from 100% certified organic cotton.

The brand works on a made-to-order basis to prevent overproduction.

Fair & local production: The clothing is made in a workshop in Spain that is run entirely by women.

Good cause: Infinitdenim has its own foundation (Back to Eco) focused on recycling textile waste. The foundation works with Levi's Spain to recycle their denim waste.