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MUD Jeans wants to create a world without waste. They are environmentally friendly, animal friendly and people friendly. They strive to become a completely circular brand, and are well on their way.

Fair trade: Fair production and transparency are at the heart of MUD Jeans. Their organic cotton is GOTS or OCS certified and produced in Turkey. The jeans that they recycle are shredded, mixed with the new organic cotton, and spun into new yarn by their partner Recover and Ferre. This supplier is located in Spain, and produces ethically.

The spun yarn is dyed and weaved by Tejidos Roya, another supplier in Spain, where they produce under fair working conditions.

The fabric is made into jeans in Tunisia by Yousstex International. This supplier takes good care of their workers, pays a living wage and has a union whose representatives consist of 70% out of women.

Environmentally friendly: The products from MUD Jeans are made from a combination of GOTS or OCS certified organic cotton, and GRS certified cotton. The recycled cotton they use is post-consumer cotton.

It is the goal of MUD Jeans to achieve 100% circularity by 2025. They have a take-back program to collect jeans that consist of at least 96% cotton so that they can recycle them.

Vegan: MUD Jeans is a vegan brand.

Practical information

Shipping fee:  £ 7,01 and free repair service

Delivery time: 2-3 working days

Address: No physical store