Store: Proof Eyewear

Brand: Proof Eyewear is a sunglasses and optical glasses brand started by three brothers who had a sawmill as a family business. They started out small, but have since grown into a global company. The sunglasses and frames they make are stylish, hip and above all ethical.

Fair Trade: Protecting the environment is high on Proof's agenda. That is why they often and strictly inspect the factories where they produce for all their environmental requirements. Fair trade is also a top priority at Proof, which is why they also strictly monitor safe and hygienic working conditions and that their suppliers treat their employees fairly and ethically. The glasses are manufactured in China.

Environmentally Friendly: The Proof eyewear Aluminum collection is made from recycled materials, the Aceta collection is made from biodegradable and sustainable wood and the Wood collection is handcrafted using eco-friendly farming to make one-of-a-kind glasses. The wood that Proof Eyewear uses comes from their own wood mill in America.

Vegan: The glasses from Eco and the Wood collection from Proof are completely vegan.

Good Cause: In addition to the fact that Proof sets high standards for the durability of their glasses, they also want to give the world a helping hand. That is why Proof gives 12% of their annual profit to 'Do Good' projects. They provide people with dental and eye care and free glasses.

Practical information:

Shipping fee: £11.67 in the UK and free for orders over  £75.

Delivery time: 3-5 working days

Address:  No physical store in the UK.

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