Shop Sarvin

Sarvin is a Persian inspired fashion label from the UK. They make luxury items and are also working on the sustainable development of their label. For example, they recently released an eco-friendly collection in which they work with more sustainable material. 

Fair trade: The collections are made in our own studio in Manchester, United Kingdom. The items here are made by hand.

Locally produced: The items are made in the UK.

Environmentally friendly: Sarvin works hard on 6 factors to make their brand more sustainable: Local production, the community, environmentally friendly materials and production, waste reduction, and animal welfare. The first collection with more sustainable materials has now been released where a lot of cupro is used. The rest of the collection consists mainly of polyester, which is why Sarvin did not receive the environmentally friendly label from Project Cece, but they are well on their way.

Practical information:

Shipping fee: Free in the UK.

Delivery time: 1-2 business days.

Address: No physical store.